Windows 10 Readiness Assessment

Windows 10 Readiness Assessment

Structured engagement designed to simplify your journey to Windows 10

January 2020 is the announced deadline for Windows 7 devices no longer being supported by Microsoft, this deadline will not be extended.


Are you ready? Have you planned and are you prepared for your future migration to Windows 10?


A typical project lifecycle can run anywhere between 80 and 120 days: the time to upgrade is now

Our Windows 10 readiness assessment has been created specifically to help you apply a best practice approach and minimise any associated risks regardless of the size or scale of your organisation. Our simple yet comprehensive engagement model as outlined below, delivers peace of mind and expert guidance of how to overcome challenges and plan for a seamless and non-disruptive upgrade from Windows 7 and legacy operating systems.

What is the cost to your business if you don’t migrate to Windows 10?

Watch our informative video to understand the cost of doing nothing.


We start by taking the time to understand your organisation, broader objectives and any additional projects that we must be considerate to. We pay particular attention to documenting any monthly, quarterly or seasonal activity that may affect device, application and user workloads prior to gathering data. Engagement commences with a discovery workshop conducted on-site or remotely and led by our Microsoft specialists.

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Gather Data

Following completion of your initial discovery workshop, we will collectively agree a suitable period for which data is to be collected (this is typically 4-6 weeks) based on the complexity of your environment. We will configure the necessary agent ready for you to deploy and routinely check-in to ensure that data is being captured as expected.


Once all data is gathered, we will analyse all outputs over the period. We will document all of the key factors such as hardware, software, drivers, and other factoring requirements allowing us to provide a complete readiness assessment based on our findings, including which devices are suitable for upgrade and which should be considered for replacement.

Review and Recommend

We will identify any issues encountered during the assessment activity and compile a comprehensive report for review and discussion. This will highlight any issues or irregularities encountered during the evaluation of the data along with a plan on how to either remediate the issues or an alternative solution to work around each issue such as the replacement of software for new versions which are supported by Windows 10.

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