Webinar: Preparing your school for remote teaching and learning

The COVID-19 crisis has startled us all. 

We cannot plan for, or stop a crisis, but we can manage the outcomes in a considered and structured way. We have seen grand escalations in recent weeks from around the globe which has prepared us for the possibility of remote working; as mentioned in our live webinar, UK schools have been forced to close for an unknown amount of time. 

What impact does this have on your school/college, your staff, and your students? What do you plan on doing to keep in the loop with your community?

Although it may feel like the situation is out of our hands and there is a lot going on, we still have complete control over what we choose to deliver to our communities and how we can progress with a smart strategy moving forward. 

Media interference is powering through industries at a high rate, some with conflicting messages which can cause confusion and uncertainty, but we aim to guide you through this time of remote teaching and learning with our expertise in future-piercing technology and our positive perspective on how processes can continue, granted not as normal, but as a new experience…

Listen to our webinar around preparing schools for remote teaching and learning with XMA.

Discussion points:

Microsoft – Sumit Tank

  • How to create a live and on demand classroom environment
  • Safeguarding settings
  • Setting up live events
  • Making use of available tools
  • First time user guide from Microsoft 

G-Suite – Nick Cox

  • Hangouts
  • Recording sessions
  • Domain verification
  • Windows 10
  • www.edu.google.com

 Support Services – Nick Thomson 

  • Service desk support
  • Responding to tickets
  • The vast array of services we offer to help in your digitized learning transformation

 Solutions Architect – Tobias Stronge 

  • The partnership process – a 4 level process when planning for remote teaching
  • Building a proactive model

Final words of…

  • Device distribution
  • Supply chain
  • Cloud technology
  • Using website to communicate with parents
  • Free productivity suite

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At this time when we are challenged, communication is key to keep morale and team spirit high. Technology allows us to communicate and remote teaching and learning provides a huge space of opportunity for us to explore new ways of delivering learning continuity. If we work together, we should be able to continue to communicate with those around us positively. 

If you have any further questions then please do send them over in an email to schools@xma.co.uk or give us a call on 01727 201 820.

Let’s continue to discuss and share the great technology we know and love, with your teaching team and students. We will be here to support you.