How apps can boost mental wellbeing when working from anywhere

Researchers have warned that the COVID-19 pandemic could have a profound impact on the mental health of people globally now and in years to come.

With the introduction of social distancing measures, many workplaces have had to make changes. Whether an organisation have employees working remotely or have taken new safety precautions on site, these adjustments and isolation have the potential to increase stress levels.

Here are some great apps to help boost your mental wellbeing whilst working from anywhere:

1) Headspace App

This award winning app has been designed to ‘Clear your mind’ with the choice of a range of common mental health concerns, the app gives you a bespoke solution based on what you need. With hundreds of meditations to choose from, it’s a helpful tool to quiet the internal chatter.

2) Microsoft Teams

Microsoft have recently introduced new features in Teams and Outlook in order to help boost people’s mental well being whilst working. They have teamed up with Headspace to incorporate a virtual commute experience for remote workers to plan in time to switch off and meditate before or after work, as well as schedule in breaks, walks or writing to-do lists for the next day. They will also launch tools to help colleagues connect more easily, schedule focus time or breaks and see insights and personalised patterns for the individual to have a holistic view of time spent working.

3) Lake App

Mindfulness is seen as an important part to helping mental health. Lake is an app to be used instead of a traditional colouring book. The app is a useful way to spend 5 or 10 minutes away from work, whilst helping decrease stress and anxiety levels.

4) Daylio App

Daylio is an app to help you analyse your day to day emotions and help you keep track of activities you’ve done to see if particular parts of your routine are impacting your overall mood.

If you are interested in discussing how technology can help support mental wellbeing for your workforce, get in touch below.