The sustainability benefits of buying genuine printer supplies

Businesses, large and small, are now taking a considerable interest in the environment. ‘Sustainability’ has become a buzzword as many businesses look to become more socially responsible in how they buy and work.

Companies such as HP, are no exception. HP is leading the shift to more environmentally friendly printing by introducing key sustainability initiatives that helps both themselves, and end users become more aware of the environment.

Sustainable printer supplies

A key part of HP’s product innovation involves developing and delivering print cartridges that help reduce environmental impact and are manufactured and recycled responsibly – promoting good corporate citizenship. From the outset, HP’s Design for Environment (DfE) programme ensures HP cartridges are designed with the environment in mind.

Also, HP requires its suppliers to certify that all HP printing supplies and their packaging comply with the HP General Specifications for Environment (GSE) – a set of guidelines that prohibits the
use of specific substances that are potentially harmful to the environment.

Recycling empty cartridges

Developed over 20 years ago, HP Planet Partners Programme pioneered a simple and free-of-charge system for customers to return and recycle their used Original HP LaserJet toner cartridges through state-of-the-art ISO 14001 certified facilities.

This programme has since expanded to include Original HP ink cartridges and is now available in more than 60 countries and territories around the world. Through our Planet Partners Programme, HP guarantees that it will never refill or resell print cartridges, or send them to a landfill. The results of this recycling have been phenomenal.

HP has produced more than 2.6 billion original HP ink and toner cartridges with recycled plastics since 2005. 628 million HP cartridges have already been recycled since 1991. This has resulted in:

  • A 33% carbon footprint reduction
  • A 54% reduction in fossil fuel consumption
  • A 75% reduction in water used

This has assisted HP in being awarded the Green Apple Award in 2014 and the Green World Ambassador Award in 2015 – both to recognise their efforts towards sustainability.

Sustainability in the future

Of course, HP cannot achieve these sustainability and recycling results without customers buying original and genuine printer supplies from HP. It is this support that is helping both the company and its customers look after the environment.

Counterfeit products that are not purchased from an authorised resellers, as we’ve spoken about in a previous article, can be detrimental towards our shared sustainability goals. Only buying your HP printer supplies from an authorised seller, like XMA, can guarantee that the company continues to fight sustainability in order to look after the environment.

For more information on buying your next HP printer supplies, speak to your XMA Account Manager today.