The Evolution of Technology in Education

Dominated by technology

Technology is probably the most powerful tool that surrounds us today. With the worldwide reach of the Internet, a new age of ‘anytime anywhere’ education has begun.

Universities and Schools alike must prepare the next generation for a world ultimately dominated by technology. The possibilities technology can provide education are limitless. Information is now within the palm of our hands and accessible within seconds. Whether a student needs to revisit key moments in history, or read up on scientific research that could change lives forever, it is now at the click of a button. No longer than 10 short years ago, the main source of research was through books. Literature was our only path to discovery.

The classroom community now goes much further than just the physical classroom – students can work collaboratively no matter where they are in the world, handing in assignment can now be done at the click of a button, and lecturers can provide personal feedback in an instant message. The functionality of an iPad alone allows the user to carry education assets with them wherever they go. There are now thousands of downloadable Apps, which can support teachers and students in everything they need, be it revision or lesson planning.

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