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WEBINAR: Behavioural Network Access Control

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Join us for a live webinar “A New Requirement for Behavioural Network Access Control in Cybersecurity” on 24th May

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In this webinar we will look at the potential impact of unauthorized access to a network, and what can be learned from our engagement with organisations working towards access control.

Our solution for combating these threats will cover two key areas:

  • How to discover masquerading devices and rogue users connecting to the network.
  • How to ensure all activity on your network is compliant, by monitoring the behaviour.
Attendees will also have the chance to ask industry leading expert Steve Wilkinson (Rebasoft) any questions about how these new threats could be affecting your network and what actions you should be taking.

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Event details
Dates:  24th May 2017
Time:  10:30 - 11:00


  • David McLeod, XMA
  • Steve Wilkinson, Rebasoft
  • Marty Legg, Rebasoft

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