XMA are thrilled to be a part of ‘The Inspire Learning Program’

9,000 iPads to be handed out to all Scottish Borders Council children aged 11 to 17.

Through the newly approved digital education strategy, XMA are thrilled to be partnering with Apple and CGI to deliver every child aged 11 to 17 in the Scottish Borders Council an iPad.
This strategy has been named “The Inspire Learning Programme”.

During the early stages of this programme’s planning phases, XMA partnered with Apple to run a number of demos to councillors, SLT’s and teaching staff.
This was to demonstrate the huge impact digital learning is having in schools across the UK, and we worked closely with the Scottish Borders Council to build a digital education strategy that would change the face of education across the Borders.

East Berwickshire councillor Carol Hamilton, the authority’s executive member for children and young people, said: “The Inspire Learning programme is our game-changing opportunity to make a difference to both our young people and our teaching staff here in the Borders, empowering them to deliver forward-thinking, innovative learning to our young people.”.

It was widely recognised that this programme is not about handing iPads to children. With a new age of digital learning, and a future that is becoming more digitally orientated than every before, it is important to equip young people with the knowledge and skills they need to develop their future careers.

This program is also about investing in teachers and empowering them to use technology to positively change the way they deliver their lessons. Digital technology will allow them to maximise every student’s learning potential and opportunities, as well as contribute to their own professional development.

Carol Hamilton says “Not only does the programme open up the opportunity for pupils to learn in new and exciting ways, it also brings with it a raft of wider benefits including extra support and professional development opportunities for teachers, expansion of Wi-Fi to provide fast and reliable internet access in every school and the rollout of flexible audio visual learning spaces through equipping classrooms with wireless and efficient technology.”.

This is an incredibly rewarding program for XMA to be a part of, and XMA are playing a key role in deploying these iPads across the Borders.

Our Scotland Business Unit Director said, “It’s an exciting time to be a pupil or a teacher in the Borders and this project addresses the nationwide challenge of attainment, pupil equity and the digital skills gap. As the National Framework provider for Scottish Procurement, XMA are delighted to be partnering with CGI, Apple and SBC to help deliver this truly transformational project.”.

An estimated 6,500 iPads will be rolled out from this August to all high school pupils and then to 2,500 pupils in P6 and P7 next year.

In future years, iPads will be shared among 5,700 P1 to P5 pupils. XMA look forward to watching how young children’s education will thrive through the use of iPad.

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