HP for Education: How are schools maximising their IT budget?

Conventionally, the UK has always been a frontrunner in the adoption of technology in schools. In the UK, schools spend close to £900 million on technology a year (Blundell, 2019).  

It is a common theme in UK schools – there is less budget with further to stretchWith schools regularly feeling the squeeze in education funding, it is becoming increasingly important to be able to do more, with less.  

The importance of technology has become increasingly recognised, with pupils exposed to IT for over half of total teaching time (Blundell, 2019). IT is a vital part of school education and it is relied upon both in classroom technology, teaching methods and for homework, administration, staff communication, reporting etc. It is important to assure as a school, you have the most up-to-date IT strategy in place, our account managers at XMA are here to provide guidance and advice to put the most effective plan in place.  

There is an ever-increasing standard of technology expected within education to assure students are maximising their school day and achieving as much as possible. Therefore, in order to maintain the expected standards, school’s IT budgets must be able to stretch further. This mounting pressure has led to schools turning to alternative methods in order to stretch their budget. 

HP and XMA have been engaging with schools on these issues for many years. We understand these pressures and the fact budgets must be spent on much more then just HP hardware. Therefore, HP for Education helps maximise these budgets. HP in Education supports the purchase of additional software, training and services required to allow HP and XMA to provide successful solutions.  

HP and XMA are equipping schools with powerful technology to be used for creation, collaboration, training and development to support both students and teachers 

HP for Education includes:  

  • Tech Fund: The opportunity to win your school £25,000 
  • Marketplace: Spend rewards on software and services  
  • Proof of concept: Trial solutions before purchase  
  • Trade in: Earn £200 per old device 

How does this allow my school to save? 

HP in Educations innovative trade-in scheme allows your education organisation to receive funds in exchange for trading in any equipment (subject to conditions) when you purchase a qualifying HP device.  

XMA and HP are transforming the learning experience. As life, work and technology lines are blurred and ever-adapting, schools must adapt to keep up, to ensure their students can be prepared for their next steps and thrive in our digital society.  

Contact us to find out more about the HP in Education program and how we can assist you in making the most out of your budgets, whilst putting the most effective plan in place.  



Blundell, R (2019) How schools spend their money on IT. Available at: https://commercial.co.uk/schoolspendingedtech/