Halfway to success… A Windows 10 Journey

With the impending deadline of January 14th 2020, the shift to Windows 10 is one of the most important topics on every IT professionals mind. Migrating is only one part of the puzzle and there are many other important things you should be considering if you are one of the many organisations who are already halfway through migrating!

 Here are the top 4 challenges that you could face on your Migration to Windows 10
1.Legacy Application Issues

Organisations who are reliant on legacy applications within their environment may be delaying upgrading to Windows 10 or having issues mid-migration due to interoperability issues.

2.Struggling to obtain meaningful and actionable data to migrate

Although Microsoft have made available a number of free tools to help identify what devices and applications will be compatible with Windows 10, it’s actually very hard for organisations to get meaningful data that they can make actionable decisions on around that.

3.Internal capabilities and resource capacity

Upgrading to Windows 10 will most likely be one of many projects your organisations IT team will be involved in at any one time therefore having the time and resource required to properly commit to ensuring a smooth transition may prove challenging.


Adoption and utilisation of any new technology is dependent on your organisation and it’s employees understanding how to make best use of the full suite of features and benefits Windows 10 offers. Training your workforce can significantly improve their productivity and reduce the burden on your IT support resources ongoing but is often an afterthought for many organisations.

Another point to consider is an understanding of how your organisation can benefit from Modern Management and the efficiencies to be gained from streamlined device provisioning to your users.

If any of these challenges sound familiar, get in touch with us to discuss further.

Our experienced in-house team of Microsoft accredited consultants and engineers are experts in migrating data and systems across a wide range of business systems including Windows 10. We have the expertise and knowledge to guide you through your migration journey, from assessing the readiness of your current applications to migrating data and ensuring you’re making the most of your investment, we can manage the whole lifecycle of your migration project and beyond.

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