Enabling Success in Education

In a recent Education survey* Lexmark identified three key points based on the research project findings, in which Lexmark can help enable the Educations sector save time, money and the environment through its productive, secure and sustainable solutions.

Approximately 12% of respondents spend up to four hours scanning hard copy documents per week and 41% can’t qualify the amount of time they are spending scanning hard copy documents.

Enabling productivity

Lexmark’s smart multifunction printers are leading the way in delivering productivity enhancing features, using innovative touchscreen technology that can help manage costs more effectively and work smarter.

99% of respondents believe device security is a high or medium priority, but only 57% are confident that they have a security solution in place.

Enabling security

Lexmark makes security an integral part of all products to help create a safer and more productive environment for your school, college or university.

81% of people place at least a medium priority on the environment in their decision-making process when purchasing new printers.

Enabling sustainability

Lexmark is a recognised industry leader for sustainability initiatives and supports a number of environmental features which allow users to reduce the environmental impact of their printing and imaging activities.

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