Don’t let your printer fall victim to hackers!

Printers that reside on your network could be hacked

Security breaches are becoming increasingly sophisticated and dangerous in the way hackers can now access confidential data… Did you know your printer could be an entry point to your whole network?

Multifunction Printers (MFPs) have evolved to become integral to the network, with many other functions than just printing, including copy, scan to network destinations and send email attachments, these devices come equipped with hard disk drives and often run internal web servers.

Whilst MFPs and printers have improved business productivity and many business rely on them, they pose the same security risk as any networked device if left unprotected. With data breaches rising and increasing industry and regulatory requirements around information security, businesses may suffer financial and reputational damage if they ignore the risks of unsecured printing.   


Printing and imaging devices store user credentials and other sensitive data such as stored print jobs that can be accessed if it’s not encrypted or regularly erased.

Network data

Multi-function printers reside on your company network. They can also be hacked like a computer and be an entry point for malware and viruses

Access control & authentication

In the absence of a pull printing requirement, sensitive documents may be retrieved by any user. Anyone who has access to printer settings can exploit permissions if the settings aren’t restricted to admin only access.

Monitoring & management

Lack of centralised printer control can lead to inefficient, incomplete, and time-intensive efforts by IT to establish and maintain printer security settings.


Output trays are an easy way for sensitive data to fall into the wrong hands. Unprotected input trays could lead to the theft of special paper–such as check stock.


Many organisations still have work to do in safeguarding their print infrastructure, however by introducing secure printing controls reduces risk and can help reduce costs through user authentication, which can minimise wasteful printing and provides a method to audit user activity, this enables organisations with better control and responsibility.

Another measure to introduce increased security could to develop a print security strategy and ensure all employees are appropriately briefed and know how to use features such as PIN enabled printing so that features are used well and do not disrupt your organisation.

Are your devices fully secure?  

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