Coronavirus: Creating obstacles into IT supply chains.

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News Update. 

Coronavirus: UK declares ‘serious and imminent threat’ to public health.

At the forefront of our news channels, Coronavirus is spreading at superspeed and this is only predicted to continue.  Our heartfelt thoughts are with all those affected and our deepest condolences go out to those who have lost their friends and families to this tragic outbreak.

Whilst this is a desperate time of emotional strain, Coronavirus has created an unstoppable force of disruption into IT supply chains. In recent times, issues have been compounded by a global shortage of Intel CPUs and Coronavirus is quickly adding to these demands and forming harsher barriers for production.

The 25th of January marked the start of the Chinese New Year, usually a time of celebration, but this year it was somewhat pulled to a place of despair as Coronavirus was attacking civilians at a violent rate, consequently generating a knock-on impact to the performance of IT factories. Following on from this, as a result, China is in semi-lockdown, reflecting a domino pattern where employees cannot enter the factories to manufacture stage 1 parts, therefore the production of complete devices has come to almost a standstill (on top of the silicon shortages mentioned above) overall hindering the usual supply chain of products.

Some factories are beginning to open again, although some still do remain closed. Where possible, we are leveraging stock from the UK and our own warehouses. XMA will continue to closely monitor this situation and engage with people locally and with our vendor partners. 


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