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Product Recycling Service
To enquire about WEEE/rechargeable batteries/waste packaging take back, please complete the form below, or alternatively please contact Sales Support on SalesSupport@xma.co.uk.

WEEE from users other than Private Households For all Viglen branded products sold by XMA or Viglen Limited, XMA will ensure the proper recycling of waste resulting from those products arising at the customer’s location within the United Kingdom.

The costs of recycling described above are included in the product price as standard. The costs of collecting such waste from customers’ premises are not included in XMA’s standard offer. However, XMA can provide a chargeable collection service or addresses where customers can return their products.

Any waste products branded as Viglen, along with their batteries, can be collected and recycled by XMA without charge to the customer. The costs of recycling non-Viglen branded products purchased through XMA but manufactured by third parties is the responsibility of the third party manufacturer. XMA can provide a chargeable service for the collection and recycle of Non-Viglen WEEE.
All returns must be issued with a Return Number before customers arrange for delivery of WEEE product.

Alternatively, we can also offer a collapsible pallet, which can be delivered to your specific site and once full, arrangements can then be made for collection.

Hazardous waste The regulations for hazardous waste changed on the 1st April 2016 - this may affect you. For further information, please visit www.gov.uk/dispose-hazardous-waste.

Data Wiping Data Wiping is performed using current CESG approved standards. HMG IS5 covers both baseline and enhanced overwriting of data. Where drives fail this process then they are physically destroyed by using an industrial shredder.

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Awards and accreditations

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