Considering your Digital Strategy for the new academic year

Technology has long been an important consideration when developing more creative and engaging learning opportunities. It is also an important tool for classroom management and assisting teacher workload. However, there has never been a year like 2020 where the importance of embracing all things digital is critical for the continuation of education.

It is safe to say the re-opening of schools, colleges and universities has been a rocky and uncertain road during and since the UK Lockdown. Educators planning ahead for the new academic year will no doubt have lots of obstacles to face, with the need to plan for multiple scenarios. This might include:

  • The possibility that all students will not be able to return to the classroom and need to continue distance learning
  • Social distancing measures will still be in place so education will need to be delivered with out physical contact
  • Learning hours may need to be extended to allow students to catch up on missed work

It has become clear that the only way to face some of these challenges is through the use of technology. The deployment and adoption of technology can be challenging when not properly executed and aligned with educational objectives – not to mention navigating during an unexpected pandemic!

That being said, institutions have been forced to develop or re-design their digital strategies to suit remote learning and contact free classrooms, while also maintaining security and safeguarding provisions. While considering this new way of working, senior leadership and IT departments will have a lot of questions.

  • How do we deploy and manage our digital strategy to meet short and long term objectives?
  • Can our infrastructure support this technology and how will this affect our existing safeguarding measures?
  • How do we ensure education is accessible for every type of learner?
  • How do we support teachers, parents and carers to deliver education digitally?
  • How can technology become the primary method of delivering a full, well rounded curriculum?
  • What financial implications could this have on my education budget?

What is the solution?

Apple technology partnered with our expertise and capabilities to deploy, manage and support adoption provides the perfect solution to form your digital strategy. iPad and Mac work in perfect harmony together to provide devices that can benefit both student and teacher, in the classroom and at home. The App Store provides thousands of apps to enhance creativity, develop critical thinking and teamwork skills and manage workflows. Our dedicated Digital Learning team are also best placed to train educators, introduce unique ways to use your technology to deliver a well rounded curriculum and collaborate with learners and faculty both in school and at home.

We want to help answer your questions and the many others institutions are likely to have when planning for the new academic year. Find out more about what to consider when developing your digital strategy, as we move forward to ‘the new normal’ here.