Be on cloud nine, and migrate your business to Microsoft Azure

Take it from us, the experts; there has never been a better time to migrate your business to Azure, and we believe that the success made possible by the cloud should be accessible to every business and every organisation—small and large, old and new. But not all businesses are created equal. Some of you are just beginning your cloud journey.

Every company—regardless of industry, legacy, or technology pedigree—can thrive in the cloud. We want to paint a picture of the cloud landscape, and explain how Microsoft Azure can solve complex business problems while also making new business models possible. Now is the time to ‘spring clean’ all your apps, data, and infrastructure and migrate them to Azure.


Why cloud migration?

So, why are more and more businesses considering it a priority to migrate to the cloud? Well… do any of the below sound familiar to you?

  • Your datacenter contract has an expiry date
  • Your business does (or will in the near future) need a software and a hardware refresh
  • You know that there is all of this amazing technology solutions out there, but it’s too much pressure on your internal IT resource to solely deliver
  • As an IT manager, you’re expected to know about all the new technology available to you, but you can’t keep up and the delivery of new infrastructures is a little overwhelming
  • The business is growing, and as such, so is the expectation to host a technology solution that can serve as high capacity. But you need to deliver this without a huge capital investment..
  • Windows 7 End of Support is fast approaching, and you are concerned about the cyber-security threats to your business if you do not migrate in time

But for us, this is about guiding you through your journey to the cloud – not just providing the technology.


The 4 pillars of Azure

There are 4 key pillars that explain why Azure is different to any other cloud solution. Our customers choose Microsoft Azure time and time again, because of the value that can be provided in one central cloud platform.

  1. Productivity: Your business can build applications, and get those apps to users more efficiently than ever. You can also manage applications no matter how large or complex. The best part is that Azure provides built-in support for an end-to-end management experience. Think about monitoring… logging analytics… patching… backup… and site recovery. With built-in security and management features, you have the assurance that security, compliance and policies are in place.
  2. Hybrid: This is so much more than just being able to move an application into the cloud. You can increase end-user productivity by using Azure Active Directory for single sign-on to both cloud and on-premise applications – your business is now working on a unified platform, which provides a consistent experience across the entire organisation.
  3. Intelligence: Azure provides an SQL server that connects to Artificial services. This enables the quick adoption of technologies, the ease of integration, and the development of breakthrough apps with built-in intelligence. Azure offers comprehensive set of services, infrastructure, and tools to build AI-powered experiences including bots that naturally interact with users and built-in advanced analytics tools, such as R, to make faster predictions for your business.
  4. Trusted: Compliance and trust is not an afterthought for Microsoft. With Azure’s security centre, you can get a unified view of all of your on-premises and cloud workloads. Collect, search and analyze security data from a variety of sources, including firewalls and other partner solutions. By finding vulnerabilities and being able to remediate them quickly, you can limit your organisation’s exposure to threats and respond swiftly to attacks. Did you know that 90% of Fortune 500s trust the Microsoft Cloud for security, privacy and transparency?


We understand that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’

There’s no one-size-fits-all any more for your IT. Make it as bespoke as you want with Azure’s easy-to-use platform, it can do so much more than replace hardware and software; the way you communicate, analyse data, prepare marketing campaigns and deliver new and innovative features to your users will be revolutionised. And, bottom line, it saves a ton of space, money and the IT helpdesk headaches.



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