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With almost 100% shift to digital across the healthcare industry, having a strong, secure and reliable network has never been more important.  Staff are using a multitude of devices to connect to the same network, along with patients and BioMedical devices.  Aruba offers solutions to solve these challenges and add benefits such as indoor navigation for the patients to enhance digital services whilst visiting a patient or as a patient themselves.

Total economic impact of IoT in healthcare in 2025 is $170B-$1.6T, making it one of the top three vertical for IoT solutions1


How Aruba enables a digital workforce within the Healthcare Industry


A Secure, Strong and Reliable network throughout your Healthcare Institution

Seamless Connectivity: indoors and outdoors utilising technologies such as satellite clinics to support numerous devices per user wherever you are.  With HPE Smart Rate multi-gig Ethernet you can enable high speed connectivity over Cat6 cabling.

Future proof support for emerging IoT devices and standards.


XMA-Icon-Suite 121
XMA-Icon-Suite 78 Making sure equipment is connected, secure and reliable at any time.

Point of care decision support.  Allowing clinicians to use their mobile devices to make critical decisions.  Aruba Ao8 features of reliability in a 24/7 environment – using Aruba technologies such as LiveUpgrade, Hitless Failover, ClientMatch and AppRF.


Creating an unrivalled user experience for patients and guests with location-based services

Patient facing applications which allow indoor mapping, location specific content, proximity-based notifications, user opt – in location sharing (great for visiting family) using Aruba Beacons and Meridian.  Making it easier to make your way around the hospital and find a specific bed.

Secured, easy to use Guest Access Portals with ClearPass meaning security even when on a guest wifi network.


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XMA-Icon-Suite 8 Adding an extra layer of security and peace of mind for expensive and critical equipment

Location of expensive assets through Meridian Asset Tracking.  IT Managers can keep on top and track their most critical and important equipment at all times.


Visibility and Control for IT Management

Giving clear visibility to the IT managers to control and maintain the hospital’s infrastructure using 20/20 Visibility with Aruba AirWave.  Adding the extra layer of support with technologies such as Client-to-network E2E visibility, RF Visualization, Historical reporting, Automated Configuration Management, In-Line monitoring: Radius, DHCP, DNS critical services, role and device – based network access control.

All these technologies complimenting each other to give the ultimate experience to the IT manager and securing a strong and stable environment through the hospital network.


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1McKinsey Global Institute, Unlocking The Potential Of The Internet of Things, June 2015