Did you know: you can improve clinical outcomes and workflows with apps?

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Apple technology is giving medical professionals the power to positively change the way they deliver healthcare. iOS devices come with a broad range of clinical apps that can support your day to day operations, and can ultimately change the way you engage with your patients, fellow clinicians and Trusts.

The App Store features over 40,000 apps that are changing the world of healthcare. Medical professionals can now use apps to provide faster, more personalised care both inside and outside of a hospital. Patients are also empowered to manage their own health outside the hospital with suggested apps, and medical researchers can now gather robust and meaningful data from larger, more varied populations.

We have listed some key apps which can help clinicians streamline their workload and provide more humanised patient care.

PatientTouch makes healthcare collaboration smart, mobile and simple with secure messaging, voice-over IP communications, and a consolidated view of alerts.

By connecting frontline clinicians to their patients and their care team, the PatientTouch app improves safety and efficiency, while reducing costs. Ultimately, the PatientTouch system allows you to spend more time on direct patient care.

Kainos is designed to give healthcare providers and carers secure access to patient information, regardless of the location. The app supports easy integration with other clinical systems using healthcare interoperability standards and is accessed using mobile apps that have been developed exclusively for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple Watch.

The new platform is available on-premise, hosted in the cloud and is designed to meet the requirements of an increasingly diverse healthcare market, from large hospitals through to community and emergency care providers.

Formerly known as Vitalpac, CareFlow Vitals is our market leading electronic observation and decision support system designed to improve patient safety and outcomes.

It monitors and analyses patient vital signs to identify deteriorating conditions and provide risk scores to trigger escalation pathways.

Custom apps are applications you create and tailor yourself using the FileMaker Platform. These apps are the perfect replacement for paper.
Organize contacts, track medicines and stock, record events, and much more. The same app works on your mobile device, computer, the web, and in the cloud.

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