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With the rise in mobile device use in education rapidly increasing, we launch an allLearn programme designed to support schools looking to introduce or expand the use of mobile devices in the classroom and at home by learners and teachers.  

As with each of our allLearn programmes we will take you through a step by step process from vision and planning through to deployment and ongoing training and support.  Our in-house education experts will work closely with your senior leadership team to determine the requirements of your school.

Chromebooks in the classroom
Chromebooks for education are simple, scalable solutions for schools to put technology into the hands of an increased number of learners and teachers.  Easy to manage and maintain, Chromebooks will allow your IT resources in school to focus on more strategic projects. 

Manage 1 device or 100,000 all from a web browser
Manage your Chromebooks through the web-based management console that deploys and centrally manages your Chromebooks, whether you are trialling a small number of devices or completing a one to one Chromebook deployment.

Once you have set up the Google Management Console for one device you can just keep adding devices without having to upgrade your existing mobile device management solution.

 As a school we have chosen to move to Google Apps and Chromebooks as they provide a system that is easy to manage across a large number of units, allowing increased access to IT across the curriculum.  

Luke Hanna, Headteacher - Southbourne Junior School

Leading Chromebook ManufacturersWith Chromebooks from Acer, HP, Samsung and Toshiba, we have access to the latest technology from world class IT manufacturers in education.  

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