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The current consumerisation of IT is forcing employers to consider the introduction of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Choose Your Own Device (CYOD) strategies which allows staff to choose the personal computing devices they use in the workplace and connectivity on the corporate network remotely.  

How does BYOD & CYOD help?

  • Enables a technology-rich workplace
  • Initiates new ways of communication
  • Increases staff or student satisfaction
  • Facilitates flexible working
  • Increases productivity
  • Free up your IT budget for the projects that count
  • Removes the capital cost of refreshing your IT
Mobility, network and security – get it rightWe can help embrace CYOD, providing best practices for planning and implementing through to the on-going management of the strategy.  
Empowering employee device choice within the workplace

allChoice is a CYOD delivery framework that offers you support with all of the cultural, financial and technical implications of empowering employees with their choice of device for work.

Our allChoice team have the necessary skills to help you deliver a choose your own device (CYOD) programme. With over 10 years' experience in providing similar schemes, we have the technical know-how to deliver a suitable infrastructure that will maintain the security and integrity of your corporate data.

 allChoice Delivery Framework

Strategy & Planning arrow  Infrastructure & Security arrow  Deployment   arrow
Ongoing support 
 Consider cultural impact of CYOD.    Review existing infrastructure and upgrade requirements.    Decide on device, platform and accessory options at a range of price points.    Communicate help desk, warranty and insurance claims process.
 Survey staff and create a working group of stakeholders.   Consider more flexible access to corporate services and data.     Consider application delivery and user experience.    Consider self-service custom application store.
 Consider potential for new support models.   Review data access security considerations.     Develop bespoke warranty and insurance options.   Refocus internal IT on development of apps and services. 
 Consider financial models including staff contribution.    Review device and application management options (MDM & MAM).   Deliver devices to staff and develop induction process.     allChoice

Benefits for your organisation
  • Select the devices you want to offer from a large variety of manufacturers
  • Introduces employees to new technologies and IT skills, improving creativity and productivity
  • Improve retention and workplace satisfaction
  • Additional support and solutions to ensure your security and infrastructure is adequate

 Benefits for your employees

  • Ability to choose a device they want to use
  • Opportunity to develop IT skills through using the latest technology
  • Increase productivity with less time wasted on old devices
  • Option to upgrade device and pay the difference with huge savings via salary contribution

Empower your employees by allowing them to choose the device they use for work – improving workplace satisfaction and productivity with complete peace of mind for your organisation.


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