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Is storage performance holding you back?
  • What is it?
  • Is it important or valuable?
  • Is it duplicated?
  • Is it secure?

Many organisation
s buy storage as a reaction to a lack of capacity but have they really considered the answer to these questions?

Our storage proposition is simple. It not only offers you excellent value but helps to enhance operational efficiency and mitigates risk. With XMA, you benefit from a single source of multiple skills delivering a combination of media and media-centric services. Ultimately, this means you'll see improved performance due to reduced risk, increased data integrity and lower management and supply costs.

How we do it?

We'll analyse your current storage and back-up environment to reduce and remove complexity, making it cheaper to manage, easier to expand and flexible to meet new directives. With additional options offering you a wide range of cloud services, our complete, wraparound service will remove the headaches from your infrastructure.

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